About us

Le Doyen is a leading full-cycle audio postproduction facility in Eastern Europe providing localization (incl. vocal lip-sync adaptation), recording, editing, sound design, audio mixing in all sound formats, and DCP replication services. The studios were founded in 2008 and have been cooperating with major international and domestic filmmaking companies ever since focusing primarily on the highest quality theatrical feature films and various TV series and programs dubbing, contributing to the Ukrainian film industry promotion and striving to develop the Ukrainian language.

The studio`s facility, with its separate control monitoring rooms, can be used to record post-sync dialogue for domestic and foreign films, television, and radio shows, plus sound design and music recording. They are large enough to accommodate groups of actors, necessary to record crowd scenes or “walla”.

The professional level of sound technicians of Le Doyen studio is supported by their many years of experience in cooperation with both domestic partners and the world's leading film companies.

The best Ukrainian actors work with Le Doyen so we have an extensive and diverse voice base.

We pay special attention to our clients’ content safety, adhere to the industry-accepted technical and creative standards, follow the MPAA best practices, and participate in the TPN security assessment program.

Le Doyen professionals are well known in the film world and were nominated for globally recognized awards:

2016  --  Netflix’s Documentary Film Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom (2015) -- Best Sound Editing Golden Reel Award Nomination

2018  -- Cries from Syria (2017)  -- Outstanding Music and Sound  Emmy  Nomination.