Le Doyen Studios provide a complete sound post-production service, which includes:

  • Translation from English into Ukrainian and lip-sync adaptation.
  • Actor and Narrator casting for film, TV and video dubbing.
  • Dubbing Director services.
  • Post-sync dubbing for foreign and domestic films.
  • Sound design for film and TV in all sound formats.
  • Foley recording
  • Music editing.
  • Premixing in all sound formats : Dolby Digital 5.1 , Dolby Atmos 7.1.4
  • Music mixing in all sound formats.
  • Production of Commercials and Trailers.
  • Final sound mixing for cinema and TV in all formats.
  • Production of the Dolby Digital Printmastering disc.
  • DCP replication
  • KDM key generate
  • Secure internet systems (DigiDelivery and SmartJog) for the delivery of Printmasters to international laboratories.